Jimmy Bryant  is the owner of Atomicchild Design, selling products with a unique look that shows off his and his customers’ love of the outdoors. His designs can be found in retail locations across the United States, including all REI stores. 

But it wasn’t an easy road. He pursued his passion as a graphic designer for a while but struggled to catch a big break. Even going broke couldn’t crush his dream though.

Jimmy talked on the Brand Outlaw podcast about how he changed his approach and started creating the designs he wanted to see rather than stay chained to client work. That’s when he developed the recognizable Atomicchild style that caught the attention of REI and others.

It’s an interview for anyone chasing a dream and wondering if it’s time to quit. Sometimes, making that dream happen requires a change in strategy to go with your tenacity. Tune in to hear Atomicchild Jimmy Bryant’s path to success.