ICYMI: Brand Outlaw 2022 Highlights

As we close out 2022, we want to highlight a few Brand Outlaw podcast episodes from the past year. We’ve been fortunate to have so many fun and thought provoking conversations with a wide array of guests. If you missed any, here’s a good guide to get you caught up.

And of course, if you find any information from this podcast useful, don’t keep it to yourself. That’s just stingy. Share it, and help us keep bringing more brand-building advice and inspiration to your earholes throughout 2023.


Aaron Draplin 

Always good for a ton of laughs and reality checks is Aaron Draplin, one of the biggest names in today’s graphic design scene. Aaron talks to Nick and Matt about how he built his personal brand, the importance of consistency, and life tips for young designers. 

Aaron Draplin on the Brand Outlaw podcast

Elon and Twitter

This episode aired in July, so a lot has changed since then in the Elon Musk / Twitter saga. Hear our early thoughts, and stay tuned. Brand Outlaw is likely to revisit this topic in 2023. Plus, this episode has advice on how to adjust marketing and branding strategies to weather an economic downturn. 

Nick Coleman Brand Outlaw

Bryan Kelley, Prison Entrepreneurship Program

Bryan Kelley serves as the CEO of the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP), an innovative nonprofit organization that unites business executives and inmates through entrepreneurial passion and servant leadership to transform lives, restore families and rebuild communities. We had a fascinating conversation with him about his personal experiences in the prison system and the important work he’s doing now. 

Washington Fumbles Commanders Branding

Matt and Nick are underwhelmed with the Washington Commanders new branding, but hey, anything is better than a racial slur, right? 

Brand Outlaw reviews Washington Commanders branding

Gabriela Pulido, Scalto

Gabriela Pulido is the Founding Partner of Scalto, a company that focuses on branding and communications to help Hispanic and Latin American B2B service businesses become scalable. She joins the Brand Outlaw podcast to talk about business, communication, and how dealing with a harrowing experience made her stronger. 

Walmart Gets Freezer Burned

Walmart decided to celebrate, make that exploit Juneteenth. Nick and Matt talk about why what they did was bad branding (and a crappy move in general).  

Matt Reno Brand Outlaw

Derrick Baker, Relish Brand

Derrick Baker’s apparel company Relish Brand isn’t for everyone. He took his hometown pride in the great city of Chicago and made clothes specifically for people who love the Windy City as much as he does … but with a punk rock aesthetic. Does that leave potential customers on the table? Maybe. But it also builds brand loyalty with the people who do feel that Relish Brand is for them.  

Elvis Weddings: “Don’t Be Cruel”

The group that owns the rights to Elvis Presley’s name and image are cracking down on Las Vegas’ Elvis-themed wedding industry. Nick and Matt break down why this move is short-sighted and what they should be doing instead to bolster the King’s brand and legacy for a new generation. 

Andrea Borgen Abdallah, One Fair Wage

Andrea is the Community Manager for RAISE High Road Restaurants, a subsidiary of One Fair Wage, focused on eliminating the tipped minimum wage, and improving racial, gender and wage equity in the restaurant sector. Learn more about her fight for fairness in the food service industry. 

Will Smith vs. Chris Rock Plus Fun Food Ads

POW! Nick and Matt cover the Oscars slap and what that means for personal branding. Then they switch gears to talk food advertising: Fries, fish sandwiches, and wieners. Oh my! 

Nick Coleman Brand Outlaw podcast

Leslie Xia, Millie Magazine

Leslie joined Brand Outlaw to discuss their role as art director at Millie, a money magazine for women. We talk about their time at Men’s Health, where they pushed for the publication to be more inclusive of non-binary people. Leslie also recounts creating opportunities by making what you wish existed and gives advice for fostering a more respectful workplace.

The Bunn, Launching a Sludge Metal Career 

Scott “The Bunn” Sokoloski is the 50 year old, baritone, sludge metal guy on the internet. A self propelled, high functioning autistic, multidisciplinary artist, he’s on a mission to build a music career in a niche style while leveraging his neurodiversity as a creative asset. It’s a tall order, but his careful planning and infectious optimism could be the keys to his success. 

Sludge metal musician Scott “The Bunn” Sokoloski on the Brand Outlaw podcast