With so many nonprofits doing impactful work to make the world a better place, it can be hard to stand out and bring in donations. How can you get more donors to believe in your mission and support it financially?

The answer is simple: Focus on showing how your mission is transforming your clients and community.

Unfortunately, many nonprofits put too much of their marketing efforts into talking about themselves. They highlight things like awards they’ve won, new hires, and employees of the month. Are these really things that get people to part with their hard-earned money?

If you want to excite the public, tell your organization’s story. But don’t position your nonprofit as the story’s hero. Creating an effective story-driven marketing campaign means positioning your donors as the story’s hero. Your organization is the guide that helps the hero impact their community by supporting their mission.

Highlight How Your Mission is Transforming Your Client’s Lives

Start with creating marketing around before-and-after stories. People love tales of triumph.

For example, if you’re an early learning organization, tell a story about a student who came to you from an unhealthy environment. They had struggles with paying attention and respecting their teachers and parents. Because of your organization’s work, this student started excelling. They became more confident and started earning good grades. That success impacted their parents, who then felt relief knowing they chose the proper organization to help meet their child’s needs.

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Turn that real-life success story into compelling website copy or video, and you’ve got something to excite your donors. Philanthropists care about making a difference, but they don’t just throw money at anything that sounds like a worthy cause. They need to know their dollars are making a significant impact in people’s lives and in their community.

Highlight How Your Mission is Transforming Your Community

The great thing about nonprofits is that they do more than change individual lives. They change communities. Show how donors’ contributions are making a lasting impact in their community.

Is crime decreasing? Are more people graduating? What lasting change is happening because of your mission? Let the public know. As they see the positive changes in their city or town, they’ll feel compelled to give again so as to sustain that positive impact.

Be specific about how their donations are directly responsible. For example, because of your donors, you were able to build a new facility to serve a new population you weren’t able to reach before. Make sure they know what their dollars are funded.

But again, frame the story with the donors as the hero. Instead of saying, “We built a new facility,” word the message as “Thanks to your generosity, this part of our city has a brand new facility to meet the public’s needs.”


Your Social Media Will Become a Valuable Channel

Superkick has repeatedly helped clients stay focused on their customers and community. For example, we worked with a nonprofit that had just a few hundred followers. We helped them double and then triple their following organically by shifting the focus from the organization itself to telling stories of client transformation.

Their social media followers became valuable assets. The organization could strategically post a request for specific donations, and their followers would consistently meet their needs. Throughout the year, the nonprofit was able to build excitement for various fundraising events because their messaging was now focused on the impact donors were having.

If You Only Ask For Donations, People Lose Faith In Your Mission

Asking for donations is important, but don’t make that your only message. Donors can easily get fatigued by constant asks. If you never focus on stories of transformation, you’ll lose engagement and growth in your follower base, as they’ll start thinking you only care about money.

You never want donors thinking things like “Didn’t they just have a fundraiser? Why are they asking for more?” ”If they’re doing so well, why are they always asking for money?” “They changed! I remember when they were all about the mission.”

 Keep your primary focus on client and community transformation and how donors make that possible. Then, your asks can be less frequent but more effective and impactful on the people you serve.

 If you need help creating content that tells transformational stories, contact Superkick Branding today.