Starting a music career at age 50 is hard enough. How about doing it in a niche metal genre? It sounds crazy, but it just might work for The Bunn.

Scott “The Bunn” Sokoloski is the 50 year old, baritone, sludge metal guy on the internet. A self propelled, high functioning autistic, multidisciplinary artist, he’s on a mission to build a music career in a niche style while leveraging his neurodiversity as a creative asset. It’s a tall order, but his careful planning and infectious optimism could be the keys to his success.

The Bunn joined Brand Outlaw to talk music, the “sellout” mentality, the importance of multiple revenue streams, and turning perceived obstacles into strengths. Even if you’re not into metal and have no idea what “sludge” is, it’s a fun, loose conversation with plenty of solid advice. And if you are curious about his sound, stick around until the end to hear his song “Imperial.” Click the player below or search for Brand Outlaw wherever you get podcasts.

Learn more about The Bunn at, and see the recap video from the first year of his music career project on his YouTube channel. Catch up on more podcasts from 2022 in our year-end review.