As a restaurateur who opened during the Great Recession, Shawn Walchef knows about overcoming challenges. So it’s no surprise that during the pandemic, a massive challenge for many in the restaurant business, Shawn learned to use the power of the Internet to not only survive but thrive. He led Cali BBQ in developing a scalable growth plan that’s three times more profitable than the traditional full-service restaurant model.

He joined the Brand Outlaw podcast to talk about how he’s building the Amazon Prime of BBQ. His main ingredient? Digital hospitality. In this episode, he talks about what that is and why every business should be using it. As Shawn says, “Customer service is bullshit. That’s the bare minimum.” Rather than deliver his customers nothing more than what’s expected, he aims to create delight with every customer interaction.

But Shawn is more than a restaurant owner. He’s built a personal brand, distributed through Cali BBQ Media. He also discusses the power of personal branding and how embracing digital platforms creates a competitive advantage for those building a restaurant business.

There’s a lot to learn in this episode, whether you own a restaurant or any other business. Listen here or check out clips on YouTube.