When it comes to creating engaging videos, incorporating ‘how to’ instructional videos can transform how customers interact with your brand. Every day, over one billion hours of content are watched on YouTube, with a vast quantity of these searches being for ‘how to’ videos.

How tutorial videos can boost your business

The addition of video content into your market is essential in ensuring you keep your brand ahead of your competitors. For maximum results, your digital marketing strategy needs to be varied. And part of that variation should be ‘how to’ videos. Here are some of the benefits:

Showcase your products

One of the biggest advantages of incorporating ‘how to’ videos into your digital marketing is that they allow you to clearly showcase your products and services. When consumers want to know how to do something or how something works, their first stop is often YouTube. Including these videos will ensure you’re always placing your brand in front of a relevant audience.

Highly engaging

Instructional videos are more than just a great way to raise brand awareness. These videos provide real value to viewers, ensuring that you can maximize your engagement and establish yourself as a voice of authority within your industry.

Build closer connections

Creating a ‘how to’ video also helps you build a closer connection with your customers. When customers can see your staff explaining your products or how to complete certain tasks, it helps to establish a higher level of trust. That will create customer loyalty – as you release new products, customers will want to purchase from you because they’ll have the confidence that you can answer any question they might have.

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