Hydro Flask is a global, billion dollar brand. But the road to getting there wasn’t easy. For one, the company was launched during the Great Recession. How did inventor and founder Travis Rosbach find the motivation to push forward and bring his innovative beverage container to a worldwide market?

Travis joined the Brand Outlaw podcast to discuss Hydro Flask and lots more. We talked about how his passion for outdoor adventure led him to recognizing the problem of keeping water at a drinkable temperature no matter the climate. He recounted some of the initial challenges of launching the brand and how he cleared those early hurdles. We even laugh about negative reviews complaining that the product worked too well.

He’s since moved on from Hydro Flask and onto other ventures. He explained why he left and about the excitement he gets now from helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses through his company The Tumalo Group.

This episode is packed with business advice including Travis’ recommending reading such as books by Brian Tracy (as well as a couple of funny stories about his interactions with the prolific speaker and author). And since we can’t stay completely on topic, there’s also some talk about tattoos and gangsta rap.

Listen to the full podcast here or check out YouTube clips below. Travis drops plenty of business wisdom in this episode, so take notes, leave comments, and share with someone else who could find value in it.

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