Another New(ish) Look for the Iconic Soda Brand

PepsiCo has unveiled a new logo and visual identity for its flagship brand, the first major change to the Pepsi logo since 2008. As Pepsi celebrates its 125th anniversary, the brand is clearly aiming to honor its longevity while looking forward. The question now is, how does the new look stack up?

New Pepsi logo and cans 2023

The new logo’s most noticeable aspect is the change to the red, white, and blue waves within the circle. It’s an iconic look that Pepsi launched in 1950. However, the 2008 rebrand tweaked the curves of the waves, supposedly to resemble a satisfied smile. It was a clever idea but a little too subtle to have the desired impact. Reverting back to the waves was a smart move … and more than just a nostalgia play. This immediately gives the logo a bolder, more confident look that’s been lacking for the past decade and a half.

Pepsi can with previous logo. Photo by Martin  Péchy:

Another major change is in the type. The lowercase “pepsi” further removed boldness from the beverage’s branding. Now, the brand name is back to all-caps, with a more angular and geometric font. It’s much stronger than the previous version and a lot easier to spot on store shelves. Further, with the new configuration of the waves, the type can be worked into the logo or left out, adding to the logo’s flexibility.

In terms of color, Pepsi is rocking a darker, more saturated blue than before along with red and white. However, there’s also a heavy reliance on black. This is about more than aesthetics. For years, Pepsi (along with main rival Coca-Cola) have been using black to represent zero-sugar drinks. By including this color in primary branding, Pepsi is signaling a strategic focus on its zero-sugar line, as consumers look for healthier beverage options (although the healthfulness of diet or zero-sugar soda is debatable since the sweetness is now coming from chemicals). Sure, fewer than four colors would help the logo with simplicity, but this does make sense from a strategic perspective.

Beyond the logo, Pepsi’s added secondary elements that, again, convey boldness and confidence way more than the previous corporate blue background. While they’ve taken this approach in the past, secondary elements from previous branding iterations now look dated. However, pieces like the circles emanating from the logo are dynamic but also simple enough to avoid looking like a relic ten years from now.

Pepsi new branding system

The 2023 Pepsi rebrand is a major undertaking for the company, and they executed it well. As you’ve probably guessed from the above paragraphs, we’re not fans of the previous look. It was so understated that it came off as meek, not a good look for a second-place brand. With its new logo and packaging, Pepsi is back to demonstrating a commitment to staying relevant in the ever-changing world of soft drinks. We’ll see how it’s received by consumers as the new look rolls out later this year.


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