We think we’re totally thoughtful and rational when it comes to making buying decisions. But really, stuff is happening in our brains to drive those decisions without us even realizing it. Today, we take an intriguing dive into some of the science behind consumer behavior with Dr. Ian Norris, a Professor of Marketing at Berea College in Kentucky.

Understanding the psychology of buying will help you make better branding and marketing decisions for your business. In this episode, we cover Cola Wars, the pros and cons of algorithms, recommended reading for marketers, and more.

Norris teaches courses on consumer behavior and marketing research, and conducts research on topics related to emotion, judgment, and consumer values and well-being.  He has published in journals such as Academy of Management Review and Journal of the Association for Consumer Research and has also co-authored a textbook on financial literacy.

In addition to his work as an academic he consults on projects related to marketing research, entrepreneurial mindset, and design thinking. He is a social psychologist by training and also holds an MBA.

Ian’s Berea College profile | LinkedIn | Ian’s Book Recommendations

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