Keep Your Brand Voice Intact

Artificial intelligence (AI) is great for streamlining your marketing and content creation processes. Just make sure you’re not losing your brand voice. As great as AI is for increasing efficiency, you can’t get lazy. If you do, you’re risking putting out generic content that strays from your brand identity.

Think of AI content creation like picking out an anniversary card. You don’t want to grab the first card you see and give it to your spouse without reading it. The message might be bland, irrelevant, or something you would never say. That’s a surefire way to spend your anniversary sleeping on the couch.

Just like you wouldn’t give a generic, impersonal card, you don’t want your AI-generated content to sound robotic or off-brand. With the right AI tool and a clear understanding of your brand voice, you can produce compelling content that resonates with your audience.

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Develop a Brand Voice Guide

Before creating content, take a step back and think about your brand voice. The first step in maintaining brand voice consistency is developing a brand guide.

Brand guides lay out the ways anyone responsible for your brand should communicate externally and internally. Brand guides not only show your visual branding guidelines; they should also outline all aspects of your brand voice, including tone, vocabulary, and style.

Part of this guide should include a buyer persona section. Knowing your target audience will help you develop a voice that speaks to them. You wouldn’t sell AARP memberships with Gen Z slang, right? A brand guide will help prevent that from happening.

Make sure you share this guide with all relevant team members, especially those who’ll be using AI tools for writing or social media management. By having a clear and concise set of guidelines, your brand voice can stay consistent, regardless of who’s creating the content.

Train AI Tools to Recognize Your Brand Voice

When using AI tools for content creation or social media management, it’s important to train them to recognize your brand voice. This involves setting up templates, creating a language model that takes your brand voice into account, and providing feedback to the AI tool. By doing this, you’ll be able to ensure that the AI-generated content aligns with your brand voice and stays true to your brand identity.

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Jasper offers a brand voice tool to aid in content consistency. It’s a cloud-based tool that comprises a mix of machine learning and natural language processing capabilities, along with sophisticated data analytics that enables users to train the tool to recognize their brand voice. Jasper’s tool is a user-friendly, customizable way for businesses to define their brand voice guidelines and create templates that adhere to their style, tone, and messaging.

Monitor AI-Generated Content

While AI tools can be incredibly helpful in creating content, it’s on you to monitor the output to ensure that it aligns with your brand voice. Review and edit all AI-generated content before publishing. You should already be checking drafts for inaccuracies, redundancy, and potential plagiarism. Add brand voice to this checklist.

Regularly Update Your Brand Voice Guide

Finally, you’ve got to regularly review and update your brand voice guide to ensure that it’s up to date with your current business goals and objectives. As your business evolves and grows, your brand voice may evolve with it. By keeping your brand guide updated, your brand voice will stay consistent and current.

Maintaining your brand voice when using AI tools can be a challenge, but it’s essential for brand health. Everyone in your organization is responsible for keeping your brand identity consistent across all channels. Follow the above tips to make sure you have a coherent and engaging brand voice that resonates with your target audience.

Remember: AI isn’t a cheat code. It’s a powerful tool but one that still requires a human touch, especially when it comes to your brand voice.

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This article was written with AI assistance from Jasper AI. Interested in using AI to boost your writing productivity? Read Nick Coleman’s article reviewing his experience with Jasper.